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Relevant authorities pointed - fengqingxue - 12-23-2017

<p>latex mattresses, foam mattresses, etc., although the touch soft but poor air permeability, long-term use prone to collapse deformation, oxidation, breeding mites and other issues, affecting the quality of sleep. In the general awareness of the people, sleeping hard bed conducive to good health. In fact, the body's spine was S-type, excellent or </p>
<p>too soft mattresses are not conducive to the normal development of the spine, serious can lead to spinal dislocation and so on. Hester, the Swedish bed brand that aims to create a new sleep lifestyle by creating the finest beds for the world and bringing the best of sleep. Inspired by 165 years of sleep experience, the most natural and pure </p>
<p>raw materials are selected to create the perfect bed in the hands of experienced craftsmen. Whether it is high holding into the pregnant, with technical memory of the human body curve of the highly adaptable, or perfect breathability, make Hester Teng become a good bedding for spring good sleep. Relevant authorities pointed out that the use </p>
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